About Us

Andrew and Angela believe in using the best ingredients to produce everything in house. Our menu changes seasonally as different produce comes into peak flavor.

the chefs

The Chefs / Owners of the Little Blue Owl Baking Company are Angela and Andrew. They met while attending culinary school at the Culinary Institute of America in New York. Afterward, they spend about a decade working in New York City under notable chefs before coming to Narberth. Here they make a wide range of French baked goods and pastries with American and Asian influences.

Opening Hours :

monday - Tuesday


Wednesday - Friday

07.00 am - 04.00 pm


08.00 am - 04.00 pm


08.00 am - 02.00 pm

freshly baked every morning

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Everything is made from scratch in house, and
we bake our Viennoiseries daily to provide the highest levels of quality in our baked goods.

There’s so much choice

Discover a plethora of delicious options at The Little Blue Owl.

It tastes great

Delight your taste buds with our irresistibly delicious culinary creations.

Prebiotic properties

Boost gut health with our delectable treats, packed with prebiotic goodness.

Fuel for longer

Our nutritious treats provide sustained energy, keeping you fueled longer.

Folic acid boost

Elevate your folic acid intake with our nutrient-rich baked goods

It’s cost effective

Enjoy affordability without compromising quality with our budget-friendly bakery delights.